Order Taking Services

B7stars offers fully integrated web-based order taking services on a 24/7/365 basis. We have the capacity and capability to handle any call volume and any size of product catalog - from a single product to large catalog orders. Our mission is to increase the percentage of calls for your campaign that convert into actual sales. We specifically train our agents to handle each call as a valuable sales opportunity and use cross-sells and up-sells to increase the value of each order. Furthermore, to ensure quality assurance and quality service, our call center agents are fully trained as Certified Order Taking Specialists before taking calls from your sales line.

Learn how B7stars Order Taking Services can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy.

Customer Service

An organized customer service plan can be the one factor that keeps your business ahead of the competition. Learn how B7stars Customer Service can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy. Increase customer confidence and reduce redundant calls into your office with B7stars Customer Service. At anytime, our agents can access your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and answers from our Agent Interface - handling all your customer inquiries 24/7.

Live Web Chat

With the increase of online shoppers and growing attraction to price shopping on the Internet, your online customer service strategy plays an important role in your business. Integrating B7stars’s Live Web Chat solution will aid you in converting your online visitors into loyal buyers. Combining LivePerson’s live chat technology, B7stars agents or ‘eReps’, and a specialized management structure, our Live Web Chat Solution will bring success to your online customer service approach and sales strategy.

B7stars Live Web Chat will help increase your online conversions and customer acquisitions by providing real-time assistance for your customers.  B7stars ensures each of our eReps is LivePerson trained and fully Certified for handling all Live Web Chat communication.  They possess strong, well-developed written communication skills geared towards engaging customers, directing them through the sales process, and essentially converting visitors into buyers.

  • Be Proactive with Your Visitors

  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction


Email Response

Customers expect email responses promptly, making your turn-around time a crucial factor. B7stars Email Response solution manages your customers' email and web-form inquiries to ensure they receive an appropriate response to emails quickly and accurately. Learn how B7stars Real-time Email Response can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy.

Impressing your customers and clients with quick response time can set your growing company apart from the competition. B7stars guarantees a response turnaround time of less than 4 hours. The result is an improved customer service experience and increased brand loyalty, resulting in greater online and off-line sales.

Direct Response

B7stars delivers 24/7/365 direct response support for your marketing campaign needs. We handle calls for product and service offerings advertised on network and cable television, radio, newspapers, direct mailings, and the Internet. Learn how B7stars Direct Response support can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy.

Direct response campaigns need quality customer service that can effectively handle customer inquiries and orders. At B7stars, our call center agents undergo Sales Certification training to ensure they maintain focus on each customer’s call and provide outstanding service. Our specialized agent training results in increased sales conversions and maximizes the ROI on your marketing investment.

Conference / Registration

Outsource your conference and event registration activities to B7stars call center services and focus your attention on other issues and details related to your event. Learn how B7stars Conference and Event Registration solution can help keep you organized and put on a successful event. Our skilled and experienced call center agents answer your toll-free registration number with an AnswerPhrase - your unique greeting. Using a sophisticated web-based conference registration system, both our agents and our clients can view all conference and event details, including availabilities and prices.

In real-time, our agents and clients view the same schedule and availabilities, make or cancel reservations, and provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding the conference or event. In addition, with our online credit card processing options, B7stars can process your attendees’ payments in real time.

Live Receptionist

As a growing business, acquiring new customers and maintaining existing clients is your number one priority. When a phone call comes into your office, is it being answered? How about after business hours, on vacation or sick days, when you or your receptionist are not available? B7stars understands the importance of every customer contact and offers live telephone answering services 24/7/365 to businesses looking to build a professional image.  Learn how B7stars Live Receptionist can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy.

24 Hour Helpdesk

Customers, partners, and suppliers demand 24/7 support for the products and services they have invested in. Providing your customers with help and attention during urgent technical issues will increase customer satisfaction levels and customer loyalty. Learn how B7stars 24-Hour Help Desk can bring success to your customer service approach and operational efficiency.

B7stars Certified Help Desk call center agents will answer first tier questions or concerns about your products and/or services, regardless of the type of question or the complexity of products and/or services. Using web-enabled technology, B7stars builds detailed expert systems, that allow our agents to ask the right questions and provide correct answers.

In addition, our in-house training facility enables us to give agents detailed training on your products and services. Should our call center agents be unable to resolve a customer issue, they will page or transfer the call to the appropriate representative from your business to ensure your clients get their questions answered.

Telesales / Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers to expand your current market share is an uphill task that requires efficient sales personnel and a well-planned infrastructure. Companies today are outsourcing this task to telesales and customer acquisition service providers who can pay exclusive attention to the task.

B7stars telesales and customer acquisition executives have the expertise to plan, build, and run customer acquisition and integrated sales solutions for you.

We will be an extension to your company and present your brand values in a highly professional manner. B7stars has experience in providing telesales and customer acquisition services to several worldwide telesales, E-commerce and marketing organizations.

Customer Care & Retention

While attracting new customers is one battle, retaining your customers is an even more challenging feat. By establishing communication channels between you and your customers, you will gain opportunities to build relationships and increase your brand loyalty. B7stars acknowledges the importance of quality customer service and customer retention strategies to the success of your business.

We focus on enhancing your customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all communication channels. Our customer care experience spans virtually all industries and all applications.

Web Based Customer Care

Customers today demand web-based support for its convenience and accessibility. Offering online customer support is a cost effective way to provide customers with service they’ll value. For a company with an online presence, integrating web-based customer support to your customer care strategy is essential. With access to the latest technology and expertise, B7stars can help you achieve this.

Market Research & Telephone Surveys

Market Street Research develops custom marketing research questionnaires for each project. We work closely with clients to define the goals of the research so the questions we ask focus on the specific decisions our clients need to make.

Our market research questionnaires typically include a mix of closed-ended and open-ended questions, to allow depth of response and probing by skilled interviewers. Market Street Research pilot-tests all research questionnaires on an in-house basis, and reviews suggested changes with clients before revisions are made. Our clients always have final approval on questionnaires.

Data Processing / Data Entry

We offer a wide range of Data Entry Services and IT enabled services to the clients/businesses all over the global marketing, so they can increase their productivity and ease the administrative burden by outsourcing data entry, data digitization and offshore data entry work to us. Our services will surely satisfy your offshore outsourcing requirement at very cost-effective prices.

B7stars manages your entire data entry, data digitization and manual data entry task with 99.99% accuracy. Our experienced and professional teams of data entry are dedicated to provide accurate and hassle-free data entry work at lowest possible cost in the outsourcing industry.

Transcription Services

B7stars is a one-stop solution for all kinds of transcription services - medical transcription, business transcription and legal transcription. Our dedicated and experienced team handles your transcription jobs with utmost professional care. Our primary goal is to provide a professional transcription service to our valuable customers at affordable rates.

We provide uncompromising quality, rates within your budget, high quality transcripts and timely and convenient delivery. All transcription jobs submitted by our skilled and experienced transcriptionists are again verified, proofread and reviewed to ensure accuracy.

Inquiries & Complaints Handling

We know that our customer care staff are crucial to managing customer relationships successfully, so as part of our recruitment strategy we look for natural rapport builders. Our selection process is rigorous to ensure we get the best fit for our clients. Our customer service training programme and consumer complaint handling training then elicits and nurtures the talents of the staff whilst immersing them into the brand experience. Comprehensive product training then ensures staff are properly equipped to deliver the right customer experience for our clients’ brands